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Taste of Saint Lucia

Brief:  Having previously developed a brand and delivered a showcase website for The Taste of Barbados, BlackChilli was approached by the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) to put together on a limited budget a one-stop shopping and services portal that would promote the long heritage, stunning beauty and tourism potential Saint Lucia offers along with its diverse culture, the extensive range of authentic products and the vibrancy of this bustling nature island in the southern Caribbean!

Solution:  BlackChilli conceived and developed a portal website and associated brand designed to raise the profile of tourism and commercial opportunities the island offers. The brief also extended to the provision of conceptual packaging ideas to raise the commercial appeal of certain products.

The website had to be visually impactful, dynamic, but easy to maintain plus be resilient in terms of its upgrade path, so a tailored WordPress site was chosen. The three ‘Ps’ were a key focus: People – a spotlight on individuals that live and work on this magical island and help deliver a fantastic and warm welcome; Places – extolling the natural beauty that Saint Lucia has to offer; and Promotions – detailing the exceptional facilities offered by tourism providers. The site also promotes the diverse range of foods and drink available; the bespoke arts and crafts created by islanders; and a range of gifts manufactured locally with direct links on how to purchase anything promoted.

Results:  All achieved without a single face-to-face meeting, the overall design treatment was well received and the new logo perfectly encapsulated all the elements that TEPA wanted to project. All aspects of the website, from developing the visual concepts, through to creating a functional multi-layered, scrolling website, as well as populating it with relevant visual and written content was implemented and signed off in under eight weeks from receipt of initial brief. The development site was then transferred to TEPA for hosting, ongoing population, management and maintenance. Another client for whom BlackChilli ensured the sun would always shine upon…