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The Brief: A leading independent UK provider of food safety advice services to businesses, STS‑Solutions (itself part of ELAS Group: the business support, training and safely organisation) wanted to raise its profile as an industry expert and reach out to potential customers.

Solution:  The cost effective method chosen to raise the profile of STS was through editorial placement. Over the course of a year more than 50 ‘by-lined’ articles were written and placed by BlackChilli in key sector titles providing guidance, advice and warning, on a number of food preparation, hygiene and safety issues.  These included starting a food / street food business, the dangers of serving burgers pink, runny eggs, and the 14 key food allergens.

Result:  Awareness and recognition of the STS-Solutions brand, both amongst its core target audience and within associated areas, jumped significantly.  STS-Solutions was now being regarded as an industry leader, was being pro-actively contacted by media looking for editorial support, but most importantly it was seeing a measurable increase in the number of businesses making direct contact looking for its consultancy services.