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Stadium Group

The Brief: Delivering wireless, power and interface solutions supported by electronics assembly to an international customer base, Stadium Group was spending days building individual slide presentations. It therefore wanted a dynamic, consistent, interactive digital presentation that would enable its sales teams to engage with customers in a highly iconic, visual way that reflected the company brand when telling the Stadium story but also be flexible and provide quite complex product information, when required.   

Solution: PowerPoint is still widely regarded as the de-facto package for digital presentation but often suffers from excessive wordage and ‘personalisation’. The BlackChilli solution was to develop a highly visual, yet simple and consistent corporate style that focused on key messages. The inclusion of hyperlinks to other more detailed ‘modular style’ areas of the presentation enable the sales teams to dynamically select what information is presented – minimising the overall number of slides presented but still covering the key corporate messages in linear form. 

Result: The new corporate PowerPoint was ported onto hand held tablets and could be delivered in as few as 15 high image / low text slides but also expanded ‘on-the-fly’ to100+ slides going into considerable detail if that’s what the customer wanted. Content can also easily be augmented in a consistent style.