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Spud Muffin

The Brief:  The brief was to develop a totally new visual brand being launched into the fast food, event catering sector that would reflect the high end quality of the planned premium chips and gourmet accompaniment.

Solution: Quality and differentiation were vital for this concept as it needed to stand head and shoulders above the competition. Classic vehicles were identified as the mobile catering units and their livery was kept simple and refined to reflect the nature of the product. Another element was that the visual impact of the logo design needed to correlate with the concept and be replicated on stationery and promotional material as it would be vital in promoting the concept via electronic and social media.

Result: In addition to developing the new brand, visualisations of how the logo and other visual elements would look on the proposed vehicles was developed along with guidelines for a whole range of catering merchandise from plates and cups through to food packaging and bags.  These designs are now being transferred into finished designs. Complete vinyl vehicle wraps are being produced and everything will then be rolled out at events and locations, initially across the South East.  Another brand on the road to success…