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New DentalPB website

Well despite the Covid-19 restrictions and an ongoing lockdown we have been able to develop and deliver a completely new website for DentalPB, a referring dental practice based in Woking.

The new website was built in WordPress, so that it is adaptable and easily updateable by the client. Equally it is dynamic and works with all the latest platforms – resizing to display properly on wide screen and standard monitor PCs alike, on iMac’s, iPhones and Androids plus iPads and all tablets – helping enhance the user experience.

Pictured here are the new homepage, featuring the dentists which is far more welcoming and the current trend with professional service and support companies; and this is a real transformation from the old website homepage, also shown here.  Visit DentalPB – Dental Practice on Broadway to appreciate the whole of the new experience.

“Working remotely in developing this new website created its challenges, but Blackchilli was certainly up to the task and helped, took us through every stage and they helped us overcome every hurdle as we came to them,” stated Paul O’Neilly who owns an runs the practice. “What we have now is gulfs ahead of our old website and certainly projects the professional services we deliver to our customers.  we included quality photography and a step-by-step pictorial journey for our customers – now before they visit our practice under Covid restrictions they can understand, appreciate and be confident in the care and support they will receive when visiting the practice.”

So if you are looking to make a statement about your brand and gain industry recognition that will help you grow your business give BlackChilli a call and let’s discuss how we could develop and deliver a new website, or create a strategic and integrated PR, media and communications programme that will both build and protect your brand plus contribute to increasing your sales.