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Euro Auctions

The Brief:  When Euro Auctions, a long established Creative Hub client for media support services, was appointed to run a one day auction for 127 mobile cranes, following Hewden Stewart going into administration, the sale was immediately recognised for its appeal as a truly impressive and visually newsworthy spectacle – the trick here was to maximise the visual impact, the long term marketing power and media appeal of the sale.

Solution: As the cranes started to be delivered to the Newark showground in the run-up to the sale, a series of time-lapse cameras were set up to capture the full magnitude of the event as it unfolded.  Drones were also flown in advance so that high quality aerial video would be available on the day alongside impressive photographs taken from the ground. Arrangements were also put in place to enable safe flying during the event to capture crowd scenes.

 Despite short lead times, preview news pieces were distributed and all the key trade journalists individually approached to attend and cover the event, helping build momentum.

 Result: The auction broke a number of Global records with all 127 cranes selling in a four hour window, with a final hammer price exceeding €32m. But the sale was also a media success with regional BBC TV news coverage live from the showground; a number of radio interviews being delivered; and a host of other national and trade follow-up coverage being achieved.  The imagery went down a storm and was used by all parties plus has subsequently formed the basis of a strong new corporate video.  Another happy client.