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The Brief: EntroPay is a virtual payment system that can be used to make online purchases wherever VISA is accepted and is popular with the online gaming community due to its secure nature and ease of registration. EntroPay had agreed to sponsor an eGaming Awards event being held at the Natural History Museum and wanted to leave a memorable impression.

Solution: EntroPay agreed to sponsor the Roulette Casino at the eGaming Awards, an event being attended by all the leading ‘movers and shakers’ within the online gaming community so this was a real opportunity to create a stir and raise the profile of the EntroPay brand.

In addition to creating a stunning presence at the event, BlackChilli wanted the sponsorship to add value, so attendees were asked to complete a simple registration form to gain a free $50 to play the casino and the captured data enabled EntroPlay to present attendees with live accounts.

To ensure that the Roulette Casino was an attractive proposition – in direct competition with the vodka bar (complete with ‘shot girls’ and vodka luge) and the poker tournament – BlackChilli brought in a team of Las Vegas showgirls. However not everything was as it first appeared as the girls were not actually wearing costumes, instead they were body painted, which created an additional and truly memorable element.

Result: At the end of the eGaming Awards ceremony, the body painted showgirls walked into the room to join the dinner guests at the EntroPay table. Attendees soon realised, like ‘the Emperor’s New Clothes’, all was not a it seemed. The illusion had been a success and as the ladies left to take up positions within the Roulette Casino, it was like a scene from the Pied Piper. EntroPay were able to capture contact details for a large proportion of the after Award revellers, who were each subsequently rewarded with free virtual EntroPay cards, plus now had first hand knowledge about the EntroPay brand and its virtual payment system. The barefaced cheek of it was a real success!