The Team

The BlackChilli Creative Hub is made up of a team of like-minded heavyweight marketeers, each eager to help build your brand and business.

Combining creative design with strategic thinking; dynamic digital implementation with copywriting and PR that speaks volumes; social media engagement with corporate communications – we can cost effectively deliver effective branding, messaging and collateral to target, appeal and differentiate you to your customers. The team comprises:

A strategic marketing and communications professional with over 25 years’ experience working with UK and International brands, Barry has experience in many diverse commercial sectors from construction to business services and artesian food to retail. He effortlessly grasps what are the salient marketing requirements for a particular business and has the vision and drive to move it to the next level. Tirelessly unphased, he delivers tangible results, typically casting all issues aside.

A multi award winning creative, David has focussed on delivering boundary pushing marketing material for over 25 years. His strategically creative thinking results in great campaigns that take a strong idea and visually deliver it across many communication strands, from advertising to social media or traditional brochure design to digital. One clear message, an idea that breaks down obstacles to creative thinking; resulting in more effective campaigns.

An experienced marketeer, Douglas develops and implements cost effective communications and marketing initiatives that meet objectives and deliver the desired results. Also articulating complex technology or prioritising multifaceted messages and creating concise, hard working, informative articles, press releases, brochure copy, newsletters or other forms of the written word is a real forte as compulsive material means your customers attain a clear understanding about your business.

Not all websites are the same! Carina specialises in developing and delivering cost effective websites that embrace the overall brand ethos and enable businesses to attract more local customers online. But it goes further, today simply having a website isn’t enough, optimising it for smartphones and ensuring Google and other search engines can prioritise it is crucial to maximise the chances for customers to find it – so that’s just what we do, for starters.

Having built an enviable portfolio of clients in surrounding Surrey and Hampshire area Rob delivers creative and innovative design solutions to enhance print and web based communications. A dynamic and creative professional freelance designer with considerable experience, Rob brings a unique perspective to anything from logo design and branding, through to brochure and print design as well as website conceptualisation and other online media.

When it comes to growing your business using the power of LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms, Polly is the marketing superhero that can help you battle through the mayhem. As an integral part of your overall marketing plan Polly can develop and implement a strategic campaign that not only delivers the hits but also makes real business sense. Happy to deliver exactly what’s required or guide you through the process so that you can personally achieve the results you seek, your business will really get noticed online.

Tim is a numbers guy, with the ability to deliver more profitable customers to clients through improved use of digital marketing techniques. Tim and his team analyse client data, creating the necessary steps to making a website visible to the exact audience it needs to engage with. Being Google Analytics certified and by translating data found in clients own website records Tim can turn this information into effective organic SEO and paid search marketing delivering massive ROI.


A social media specialist, Tim is the consummate professional when it comes to delivering key, infinitely concise messages directly to you customers. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or the latest trends in Vlogging, he is skilled in the subtle nuances’ needed to transform any businesses activities in this sector into an informative, audience grabbing activity. However, unlike many in this field Tim clearly articulates the subject, demystifying it for the uninitiated.
A satellite member of the BlackChilli Hub, David offers corporate photography and video services to satisfy design, marketing and editorial needs. Working closely with our clients he has an impressive portfolio, understands exactly what is required and delivers an efficient, affordable and dependable service; often to tight deadlines.
Understanding where clients currently sit in their market and developing the route map to where they ideally want to be is exactly where Sally excels. Having successfully steered a major FTSE 250 along this path many years she is now applying her experience and knowledge by interpretating the needs of expanding organisations, developing a plan and then putting this agreed solution into practice.