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Brand Box

The Brief:  With constant evolution taking place in the retail sector, BlackChilli was approached to conceptualise and illustrate a unique retail space solution that literally works ‘out of the box’. BrandBox delivers a totally new modular experience that is quite different to the existing inline retail model; and provides maximum flexibility with minimal cost, but with the all important visual references and vital brand values incorporated.

Solution: Blackchilli researched and developed the BrandBox retail concept that innovatively uses shipping containers. These can quickly and inexpensively be tailored to meet individual internal and external design requirements, with all the desired branding and design values, and then be located on any retail park or public space, to provide clients with the ideal solution to dip a toe in the retail pond at a given location and target new customers, without long contractual commitments.

Result: Fast becoming the ‘uber cool’ retail solution, BrandBox is a ‘one-stop’ fast track, consultative and all encompassing, design, fabrication, planning, implementation and installation service for the retail environment.  And this flexible retail solution is not just perfect for ‘traditional’ product retailers; fast-food and catering businesses, recycling, vehicle service, market research and even financial service providers have all already expressed real interest. Many other opportunities also exist successfully promote your brand in the retail sector. So literally watch this space…